“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker is still right. No matter how good the strategy, you ignore culture at your peril. Innovation, at the end of the day, is people-centric. People who are passionately dissatisfied, who care enough to change and give you the chance of having better innovation.

Stop talking about innovation and start doing it. Establishing a strategic foundation is the start to innovation success. But how do you execute those ambitions and make better innovation a reality?

Innovation is not an outcome, it’s an enabler. Innovation must bring value and make things better. But if you want impactful outcomes from innovation, you need to know the “why”?

We love seeing people changing their worlds, overcoming years of frustration. And who wouldn’t? Sadly, it’s not often like this. Innovation has its pitfalls; it doesn’t always work. A new approach is needed.

Did you know that more than 90% of executives are dissatisfied with their innovation performance? Innovation is not delivering the required impact. This isn’t good enough, and innovation needs to get better.

Harvey Wade

Harvey is the founder of Innovate21, a passionate advocate of making innovation better so it delivers the impact needed.

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